We are very pleased to invite you to our upcoming Get Together at Golf-Club Grand-Ducal from 12.15pm to 1.45pm on November 18th.

On this occasion, we will have the opportunity to welcome

Catherine LEBRUN & Michel FOUARGE

Catherine Lebrun is a creator and curator. She developed an immeasurable passion for decoration in particular, and art in general.

After 20 years in the financial and fintech sector, she decided it was time to taste the flavors of a new life challenge. Since 2019, Catherine devotes part of her free time to her passion for art and design, creating a “Subtile” concept.

Subtile, Place d’Arts, d’Objets et de Partages, à Impact is a dynamic and friendly place halfway between a gallery and a home styling concept with a focus on vintage, mid-century and contemporary furniture as well as exclusive decorative objects and art pieces.

The place is also a warm place where you can meet friends and enjoy events such as exhibitions, live music concerts, art workshops, creative classes and, from time to time, pop-ups of selected objects. Subtile wishes to decategorize to think in terms of time, people and companies and product offerings.

As the first gallery to exhibit ART NFT in December 2021, Subtile believes that NFT offers an innovative solution to bring Art, Tradition and Innovation into tension and will share its vision with you, without detour.

Michel Fouarge is Luxemburgish artist. After a professional career in the world of luxury and modelling, and following an accident, he received a camera and computer equipment in 2002 and he started using Photoshop, among other things. His goal was to learn a way to transcribe his imaginary visions into virtual and graphic reality.

Michel is self-taught in the world of painting. It took him between 12 and 14 years to perfect his method of working called “Ab nihilo”, a Latin phrase meaning “from nothing”. To date, he has produced numerous works and had several exhibitions in Paris, London, Luxembourg. Michel is a precursor and was already in digital art 15 years ago. 

Michel, is now an active photographer and see in NFT a huge opportunity to explore new horizons and to reach an extended audience. Since March, Michel has joined Subtile’s NFT portfolio on Kalamint platform. 

Michel will demonstrate that this new marketing channel offers a plethora of creative possibilities.

Catherine Lebrun and Michel Fouarge will address


Who hasn’t yet heard or read these three letters « NFT »? Whether you have or not, you still have some essential questions and  wonder what is the difference with digital art? How do we get them? How the recent crypto-currencies decline impacts the NFT market? Should you still invest into it? What is the impact of these technologies on our environment?

A passionate designer, an innovative artist and a lunch in a friendly atmosphere: the best formula to expand your network…

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