We are very pleased to invite you to our upcoming Get Together at Sofitel Luxembourg Le Grand Ducal (40 Boulevard d’Avranches L-1160 Luxembourg) from 12.15pm to 1.45pm on January 27th.

On this occasion, we will have the opportunity to welcome

Emilie LESNY

who will address

“Is your decision-making under influence?”

Emilie Lesny (also known as Emi Ly) worked as a salesperson in luxury cosmetics for many years before radically changing her career to turn to the show-business and especially magic. For several years, Emilie has been travelling around France and Europe to offer her services of magician.

Entirely self-taught, Emilie Lesny learned the techniques of magic on her own, reading dozens of books on neuro-linguistic programming and studying non-verbal language. Emilie is passionate about techniques of influence and manipulation. Mentalism is her speciality…

Coming from a family of artists (painter, sculptor,…) and craftsmen, Emilie has always been surrounded by the world of entertainment. Today, Emilie is one of the few French women who live from magic. Stage shows, close up from table to table, team building but also conferences or coaching on public speaking, Emi Ly knows how to teach influencing techniques and even charisma!

In our daily lives we are manipulated by our family, advertising, colleagues, without noticing! Emi Ly will question our certainties…

A passionate speaker and a lunch in a friendly atmosphere: the best formula to expand your network…

Please note that the conference will be held in French.

WIB Get Together lunches are members only events.

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