We are very pleased to invite you to our upcoming


On this occasion, we will welcome

Julie GAYET, French actress, producer and committed woman

interviewed by

Anne-Claire COUDRAY, French journalist


Over the last ten years, Julie Gayet‘s adventures as an actress and producer have led her down the path of feminism, well before the MeToo wave. A sincere and practical feminism that has forged her certainty: together, we are stronger.

On the occasion of the WIB Great Talk 2023 organised by Women in Business for the benefit of Toutes à l’école, Julie Gayet will be interviewed by the famous French journalist Anne-Claire Coudray who, as well as being at the helm of the TF1 news every weekend, is an inspiring and committed figure.

Julie Gayet is well-known as an actress as she started to play in 1992 after top level studies at the Actors Studio in London. In 2007, she founded her own production company, concentrating specifically on committed films. In her work as in real life, Julie Gayet is sensitive to women’s rights, and regularly denounces gender inequalities. She is involved with the Fondation des Femmes, which aims to support associations that help women who are victims of violence. Julie Gayet is also co-founder of the info-endometriosis association and patron of the Women’s Health Fund, an organisation of gynaecologists. She is a member of the Collectif 50/50, which aims to promote gender equality and diversity in the film and audiovisual industries. Her latest book Ensemble, on est plus fortes, puts the spotlight on anonymous people who work for the cause of women. As a supporter of education for girls, Julie Gayet kindly accepted our invitation for the benefit of Toutes à l’école.

Anne-Claire Coudray is a famous French journalist presenting the news every weekend on television for more than ten years. Anne-Claire Coudray has also animated political debates including the French presidential election. As a faithful supporter of Toutes à l’école, Anne-Claire Coudray kindly accepted to interview Julie Gayet on the occasion of the 2023 WIB Great Talk.

The interview will be followed by a networking cocktail. 100% of tickets sales will be donated to Toutes à l’école.


6.30 pm: Opening times and welcome
7:00 pm: Welcome by Isabelle Faber – President of Women in Business
7:15 pm: Julie Gayet interviewed by Anne-Claire Coudray : “Stronger, together!”
8:00 pm: A few words about Toutes à l’école by Tina Kieffer, Founder, and Valérie Arnold – President of Toutes à l’école Luxembourg
8:15 pm: Question-and-answer session
8:45 pm-10:00 pm:
Walking dinner

Please note that the conference will be held in French.

Venue : VAUBAN, Ecole et Lycée Français de Luxembourg (1-3, rue Albert Einstein, 1484-Luxembourg)

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WIB GREAT TALK is an event open to members AND non-members, to women AND men.

As all our tickets sales are donated to Toutes à l’école, no refund will be possible in case of cancellation.

Access to Vauban by bus 20-22-28 (bus-stop Francophonie) – https://www.mobiliteit.lu/fr/

P+R Stade de Luxembourg – 10 minutes